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Workout From Home Without Traditional Gym Equipment

These days, we have had to learn to adapt to everything going on around us. Changed schedules, disruptions to our routines, extra responsibilities, and less ways to blow off steam. One thing that keeps the body and mind healthy during times of stress is utilizing exercise as an outlet. Each workout doesnt need to be a marathon or the hardest HIIT you’ve ever done. There is plenty that you can do right in the comfort of your own home and still get in a great session! Bonus: you dont have to wear shoes! 

​​​​​​​However, finding yourself at home with no traditional gym equipment definitely poses a challenge on how to keep up your daily/weekly workout routine. 

​​​​​​​Here are some things you can use for a workout around your house!

Alex Gorrell


1. Cans/bottles

These items work great as small weights for low impact workouts. Use them while jogging outside or use them as weights while doing lunges and squats.

2. Couch/Bench

This can be used in many ways. You can stick your feet under the couch while doing crunches/sit-ups to help keep you in position. You can also use it as a base for incline push-ups and incline planks.

3. Stairs

Dont worry about not having a treadmill or having the ability to go run outside. You can get plenty of cardio using your stairs. You can do traditional runs up and down the stairs, but you can also switch it up by doing side stairs!

4. Hand Towels 

Utilize two hand towels as sliders for traditional ab workouts such as crunch planks and push ups.

5. Laundry Detergent

Some of my favorite workouts include kettlebells, but unfortunately I do not have any at home with me. I have found that using a full or almost full bottle of laundry detergent works as a great substitute. 

6. Couch Cushion

A couch cushion works great in place of a bosu if you are looking to do some stability exercises! Just place it on a hard surface on the ground and do your typical stability workout

7. Wooden Crate

If you have a sturdy wooden crate, this is a fantastic substitute to do box jumps or up and downs on! Make sure it is stable enough to hold your weight and that it wont slide out from under you while jumping


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