Will Stein

What’s Your New Years Resolution?

With the New Year among us a popular question arises, “What’s your new years resolution?”. While many people think a resolution is made to be broken, I believe it’s quite the opposite. Resolutions can feel nice to think about, but they can be quite difficult to actually achieve. This is not because of the difficulty level of the goal, but the way your mindset tries to stop it. I’ve picked up some ideas to help you achieve your goals, and stay motivated when things get hard.

Think about why you made the goal. Was it to boost your confidence? Chances are, subconsciously it was! When you make a goal for yourself, big or small, It’s usually one that will enhance your life and make you feel like a better person. So next time you want to skip the workout or cancel on friends, just remember what made you want to achieve this resolution in the first place.

Remember change takes time. We all wish the pounds could shed overnight or habits would suddenly be easily resistable, but sadly, that’s not how it works. To create a change, you have to work at it (yes, even when you are having a bad day). This can seem daunting at first, but when you give it time the end result will always be worth it.


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