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Top five best rated dog parks in the DC area

A tired dog is a happy dog, and while leashed walks are great exercise, most dogs would want an open space to run, play, and be with other canines. However, when you are in the city, it’s quite difficult to find a place where your dogs can play freely and safely. This is where dog parks come in – it’s a place where your dogs can run off leash and be themselves.

Here is a list of the top five, best rated dog parks you and your dog can explore in the DC area:

Bryant Street Dog Park

This brand new pet playground located in Edgewood is bright and fun! It has a large grass hill where your furry buddy can run up and roll down on, a sure-fire way to tire your dog with happiness. The area includes tree installments for a more natural vibe, and benches where you may relax while your dog freely ventures about.

S Street Dog Park

This park features a double gate on both entrances to prevent canine escapees, an astro-turf covered hill with trees and benches on the sides for shade and sitting, and plenty of water to keep your fur-babies hydrated as they enjoy the company of their furry buddies. S Street Dog Park located at 17th St NW is clean, comfortable, and convenient.

NoMa’s Swampoodle Dog Park & Playground

This dog park is a great place for your fur-babies to socialize with other dogs. With 5000-square-foot of grassy grounds, a custom-built dog agility structure, lights, water stations, and a custom fence with two electronic dog-entry gates, your pet can have a wonderful time running around. The park also has a playground for kids – the Walhalla play structure, where they can climb and play with friends.

Located at 3rd and L St NE, Washington; Swampoodle Dog Park is open daily from 7am – 9pm.

Newark Street Dog Park

If your pooch likes playing fetch, this is the perfect place! The park has two separate areas – the smaller one for puppies and little dogs, and the other larger area for medium and big dogs, which adds an extra feeling of security because dogs love to play ruff, I mean rough! It also includes comfortable benches and shaded areas, water fountains, steel water bowls, waste disposal stations with poop scoop bags, and lots of tennis balls.

Located in the southwest corner of the Newark Street Park complex, Newark Street Dog Park is accessible via the stairs from 39th Street, and via the ADA-compliant gravel path from Newark Street.

Alethia Tanner Park

With 4.8 stars on Google and over 100 reviews, this vibrant park is paw-fect for you, your kids and your doggies! The Alethia Tanner Park has almost 10,000 square feet of turf and concrete structures with enough sitting areas for pet parents and, of course, enough play space for pets, big or small. The dog park is equipped with water fountains so your dogs may relax and hydrate after play time. Plus, the park is surrounded with creative, colorful murals where you and your pets can pose for that #FurryFriday instagram post. 

Located at 227 Harry Thomas Way NE and is open from 7am to 9pm.


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