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Tips to Adjusting to a New Normal at Home With Kids

Nobody Understands!

Most of the time we follow the normal routines of life. We get up everyday of the week, get the kids ready to tackle their books, rinse and repeat. Ever since the circumstances have changed for the whole world, our routines have been crumbled up and thrown to the trash. To be honest, I think we completely missed the trash can. The limitation of being able to get out has given the world the ability to telework from home. Our new routine is to get up in the morning and get the kids ready to go to the common area. The circumstance of being remote allows families to have a vast amount of quality time. I couldn’t begin to explain the enjoyment of bonding with the family. I know with this quality time with our kids works into the remote work schedules. Most parents will give me the big sigh because the world doesn’t seem to understand the struggle of helping your children out with school while maintaining your work schedule. I am here to help guide you through these rough times. 

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Let Kids Be Kids!

In order to have kids cooperate with you and the things you have going on, we need to think of ways to get them busy. Many people put on a tv show to have them occupied. The best way is to have a confined spot for you kids to be free and have you less worried about what they are doing. Honestly, letting kids be kids is one of the secret potions to keeping children occupied. An activity idea that comes to mind is having a painting project with an area prepared for children. Sometimes coming out of a packet to spend a few extra dollars to get them toys and activities will help you out in the long run. Kinetic sand is a great investment to buy your children. The sand will make minimal mess and will give you less work. Painting projects will keep them busy and give you some time to breath. DON’T FORGET to rotate activities that your child uses each day to keep their interests high and avoid repetitiveness which leads to boredom.

Being Organized

Preparing for the day ahead is the next step to a successful day with children being home while working remotely. If you have a baby, getting things like making bottles and snacks ready from the night will give you the extra boost for the day. Older children may have online school that the counties have recently implemented into students routines. A good option is to have a schedule laid out for your child to follow each day. Schedules are more advanced for certain children and help with advancing them intellectually. 

As for You

Many times parents forget themselves in the process of getting things done for their children. So take a moment, even while reading this article and think about yourself and figure out what you need done. What will make your life easy with working from home? Remember you need to keep your sanity during these different times. 


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