Will Stein

Scheduling Remote Work Days

The world is definitely experiencing a difficult time with the quarantine. I know the days blend in with each other, especially when you don’t get to leave your setting for work and back home, nor for social gatherings. Working from home is typical for some job fields, but for many people who are not used to this, it has become confusing and hard to maintain the work stress. Everyone knows that jobs aren’t making it any easier to work from home. Some employees are experiencing more stress working from home. I have the secret recipe. The secret sauce is really organizing your schedule. 

​​​​​​​The typical week for most people before the great quarantine starts with getting ready for work. Believe it or not, you should do the same thing even though you are staying at home. Make this usual task the first thing you do in the morning to feel like you are ready to tackle the day and beat any obstacle in your way. 

Jamie Hall


Now that we have got prepared for our day we need to get to work. Could you imagine that could be the most difficult part of the day. I find that trying to get to work can begin the day with more stress than you entailed. During the typical day you would have to go to the war with traffic to get to work in time. Well, this is the good news! The only thing you might have to fight while getting to work possibly is your door and the stairs. 

Your day is about ready to take off at this point. If you have a typical work schedule you may have an 8 hour work day with a hour lunch break. During these 8 hours remember to take regular breaks. I got some ideas for quick breaks such as; walk your dog, stretch out the tensions of sitting in a chair, step outside for some fresh air or play some quick phone games. You will have a more productive day if you take these necessary breaks. 

When you are done with work you can’t leave your home but you can definitely close up all work material and activities. This means hide your laptop for work in a backpack, in the basement, in a closet, with a cover over the bag. At this moment you are done with work and continue your day with personal time. Catch up on some of the latest tv series or movies that everyone is talking about on social media. If you aren’t into tv spend some time doing some self improvement. Take time to read a book or do something physical. Dust those jogging shoes off and get ready to run your heart out. 


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