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The Buyer Experience

We’ll help you find your dream property.

What you want vs. what you need

Known for our ability to listen and understand our clients’ needs, Will Stein Group continuously delivers above and beyond their goals.

Once you’re ready, we’ll meet for a buyer consultation to focus your search and determine what you want and need in a home.

Find the perfect home & write your offer

After we introduce you to our mortgage partner, we can determine your buying price range with confidence.

We’ll go to local open houses together and schedule viewings of the homes that you’ve loved from our listing alerts. When you’re ready to make an offer, your agent will present a written offer to the seller.

The Buyer Process

Find an agent

We will set up time to discuss the neighborhoods you’re considering and I will help guide your search.

Get pre-qualified

Based on your income and credit history, the mortgage broker will determine how much a bank will lend you, to help determine the price range for your search.

Visit properties

Now is the time to consider your ideal home’s location and amenities. You will attend viewings and open houses.

Submit an offer

Once you identify a home you like, you can put in an offer. The seller will likely return with a counter offer, which you can accept, reject, or make another counter. I will provide advice throughout.

Attorney review

Your attorney's job is vital to protecting your interests, and to review paperwork on your behalf.

Home inspections

You will select inspections and note the property condition within an agreed timeline and contingencies. You'll review disclosures and the preliminary title report.

Loan appraisals

Organize an appraisal with your bank. Your completed mortgage application should be submitted to your chosen lender for the bank to then issue a loan approval.

Final walkthrough

Confirm that no damage has been done to the home since the inspection and that major systems and appliances are in working order.


Documents are signed, payment is exchanged, and you receive the keys!

Welcome home

You're a homeowner.

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We take pride in delivering customer satisfaction to each and every client that we meet. Let our experience, knowledge, and communication skills provide you with an unmatched level of personalized real-estate service. Contact Will Today!


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